Premium Rose Dian Hong Black Tea

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Well Tea, offers a combination of French roses and fermented Chinese Dian Hong Black Tea. Dian Hong is the highest grade of black tea in China and is also known as Golden Tip Tea. For this reason, it has a proud history of being presented as a gift to guests of the Chinese emperors.

Dian hong black tea leaves are grown in Fengquiq county, which is one of the oldest locations of tea plantations in the world. Dian hong, however, is a relatively new variety of black tea. Discovered a mere 100 years ago, Dian hong was first popularised by Fery Shaoqiu in the 1930s. All the leaves are picked by hand and then processed using the ‘Gongfu’ technique, passed down by generations of tea plantations workers.

Rose Dian Hong Black Tea contains an abundance of orange pekoe which creates a bright orange-red color in the teacup. When combined with the French roses and black tea leaves you get an exceptionally rich taste and mellowing brand of WellTea.

So whether you have visiting dignitaries of your own or just want to reward friends with the experience of a cup of tea, Rose Dian Hong Black Tea is a premium grade choice certain to delight every guest that sups on a cup.




  • The golden rule about water temperature is never to use boiling water on the tea, whatever kind of tea you are making.
  • Green Teas require water at 70°C and black teas require water at 85-90°C.
  • These days you can get kettles which enable you to choose your water temperature.



  • Custom dictates that 4 grams are sufficient for one cup. But the amount is partly a matter of preference.
  • In the case of Assam tea, which is naturally very robust, you might want to reduce the strength and brew 3 grams instead of 4.



  • This is a very important step in the art of tea-making. In fact, the brewing time varies depending on the type of tea. An over-brewed black tea will develop a bitter taste whilst an under-brewed white tea will be flat and insipid.
  • Black teas are normally brewed for 2-3 minutes, green teas for 3 – 4 minutes. It is a good idea to check the brewing time before making the tea because some teas need to be infused for very specific times: for example, Jade Pearl is left to infuse for 7 – 20 minutes, whilst Oolong tea will need 5 – 7 minutes for its bouquet to develop fully.
  • Brewing is normally done with a lid on so that the tea retains all its aromas.
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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Premium Rose Dian Hong Black Tea

  1. Venetia

    I am a big tea drinker and I can say that the taste of this tea is fantastic. It smells wonderful and the spices are very flavourful. It has the perfect blend of black tea. It is perfect for anytime of the day especially with a slice of cake..yummy! Great quality tea.. Just can’t get enough of that! I am happy with my purchase and totally recommend it.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

  2. Peter Braham

    Really good. I brew it at 76 degrees centigrade and it’s delicious.

  3. Diana H.

    fast delivery, very good packaging, lovely tea, i will recommend to my friends…i bought for my husband for his fatty liver and start using it, so hope it work for him , because a friend of a friend cure cancer with dandelon, so if it works for the other should work for every one…people have to read the benefits of this miracle flower and see for what they need it…

  4. Jianita

    Bonjour j’ai découvert l’usage de l’infusion de réglisse dans la lettre santé de Gabriel Combris que je reçois par mail et je dois dire que mes brûlures et remontées gastriques ont disparues ce qui me permet de réduire et d’arrêter un médicament inhibiteur de la pompe à protons très dangereux sur le long terme le goût en plus est très agréable même pendant un repas en ajoutant des morceaux de gingembre ce qui réduit également ma consommation de vin j’espère mon commentaire utile à tout ceux qui souffrent de l’estomac -yves-

  5. RJL

    loved this tea very good quality lovely taste. I would recommend this tea, but I bought this tea on the 15th October 2016 for £12.77p . I wanted to order another bag of tea and now in less than one month it has gone up to £14.77p which I think is quite a hike Not sure if I will order again

  6. Oliver Egerbacher

    Sono davvero soddisfatto sia del tè che del venditore. Il tè ha un buon profumo ed un buonissimo sapore, si sente nettamente la differenza tra i soliti tè in bustina e questo tè sfuso. Il venditore è stato molto gentile nel contattarmi tramite email per darmi dei consigli sulla preparazione del tè, ed inoltre il suo interesse verso la mia recensione denota una grande professionalità che non è da tutti al giorno d’oggi.

  7. Daniel

    Very pleased with the product, would buy it again.

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