Rooibos Signature Green Tea

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Rooibos green tea is a herbal tea grown on the tea plantations of South Africa. For centuries it has been drunk in its native country for its taste. Now its popularity is spreading far and wide as more people discover the refreshment.

We’ve searched far and wide to find the most delicious cup of green Rooibos tea produced on the wide plateaus of South Africa. After much tea tasting, we believe this is it. Our tea is free from caffeine and containing minimal amounts of tannin. While cultivated in South Africa, our Tea has been cultivated and treated to the same standards as our oriental green teas from China and Japan.

Rooibos Green Tea vs Green Tea

Putting Green Rooibos vs Green Tea is a relatively difficult thing to do as they share so many similarities. Perhaps the most obvious difference is the fact that Green Tea comes from the Camellia sinusitis (Tea) plant.

Meanwhile, perhaps the most noteworthy similarity is that workers do little to the chemical structure of their leaves. Then there is the question of their caffeine content.

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Rooibos Signature Green Tea

  1. Halszka

    Wow, that’s one powerful tea :)! I like ginger and lemongrass, I often out a slice or two fresh pilled ginger to my tea. When I saw this tea I thought I can easily put large teaspoon to my small cup. I steep for about 5-7 minutes. When I took the first sip I went out of the sofa to walk around haha. It was so strong I had to dilute it. Next day I added half on my tiny teaspoon and I steep only 3-5 minutes.

  2. Gonzales

    Overall a solid herbal tea. I thought the ginger would be overpowering, but the tea has great flavour and is actually pretty well-rounded with the lemongrass and lime. A nice subtle taste that lingers and makes you want to sip more. When you open the bag, the aroma and scents definitely exemplify the ingredients. No stale taste or anything.

  3. Judith A. Carlson

    Having never tried Green Rooibos Tea, but being a big fan of the other flavors, I decided to give this a try. Red Rooibos is one of my all time favorite teas.
    This combination of flavors, bright and citrus notes from Lime and Lemongrass, combined in a beautiful and soothing character of the Green Rooibos for an incredible cup of Hot, refreshing and soothing tea. I tasted it with nothing added and was impressed, with a small amount of dark amber coloured honey it was incredible! A new favorite hot tea is going on my list of must-haves! I haven’t tried it iced yet, but suspect it will be up to the task.

  4. Clyde

    Best tea I did ever drink! I have a cup almost every night. This tea has the perfect balance of ginger, lemongrass, and lime; not too strong but you know they’re there. The rooibos sits more in the back on the profile but adds a nice earthy tea note to it.

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