Himalayan Darjeeling Black Tea

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Himalayan Darjeeling Black Tea is one of the most revered of tea blends. Known as the ‘champagne’ of tea, every cup offers the sensation of exclusivity and elegance, with the leaves grown in the shade of the magnificent Darjeeling mountain range in the Himalayas.
As befitting tea leaves grown and cultivated in such a special place, our Himalayan Darjeeling Black Tea offers a fragrant and elegant flavor that’s dignified and highly refreshing. To match the rich flavor of this magnificent tea is its delightful fragrance. Breathe it in then close your eyes and you’ll be transported to the beautiful plateaus in the foothills of the Darjeeling mountains.

Whether brewed alone or added to a pot shared with friends, our Himalayan Darjeeling Black tea can bring a sense of luxury into your day and sense of elegance beyond what you normally expect to find in a teacup. We guarantee that this magnificent tea will impress even the most worldly of tea aficionados.




  • The golden rule about water temperature is never to use boiling water on the tea, whatever kind of tea you are making.
  • Green Teas require water at 70°C and black teas require water at 85-90°C.
  • These days you can get kettles which enable you to choose your water temperature.



  • Custom dictates that 4 grams are sufficient for one cup. But the amount is partly a matter of preference.
  • In the case of Assam tea, which is naturally very robust, you might want to reduce the strength and brew 3 grams instead of 4.



  • This is a very important step in the art of tea-making. In fact, the brewing time varies depending on the type of tea. An over-brewed black tea will develop a bitter taste whilst an under-brewed white tea will be flat and insipid.
  • Black teas are normally brewed for 2-3 minutes, green teas for 3 – 4 minutes. It is a good idea to check the brewing time before making the tea because some teas need to be infused for very specific times: for example, Jade Pearl is left to infuse for 7 – 20 minutes, whilst Oolong tea will need 5 – 7 minutes for its bouquet to develop fully.
  • Brewing is normally done with a lid on so that the tea retains all its aromas.
Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Himalayan Darjeeling Black Tea

  1. gina

    This tea has taken the place of my daily french roast coffee. As I get older, the acid from the coffee is becoming too much for my stomach. English breakfast has been my start of the day beverage for about a year now. It’s perfect for me. Be careful about drinking more than 2 cups at one sitting. The caffeine can become overwhelming. I drink 1 (sometimes 2) cups in the morning and its all systems go for the rest of the day. And finally, it’s great for getting headaches under control.

  2. Chris

    It’s my staple morning brew now. I used to be a 2-cup coffee-drinker until my body rejected the stuff. Sad day. So I switched to tea. I did English / Irish Breakfast tea since it had the most caffeine for tea that I could find, reasonably priced. Discovered this stuff and now this is my favourite. It’s the first thing I have every morning.

  3. Theresa

    It’s amazing, it’s my favourite tea. I drink it hot, I drink it cold, I’d drink it room temperature if I had some.
    Of all the products I wish I could have a lifetime supply of, it might be this.
    It’s so refreshing. I drink about 8 bags worth some days.

  4. Scotty

    This Tea is all that and some! AMAZING!!!!! The taste is awesome! I love this tea it is the Queen of teas. It has also, assisted in me losing a few pounds but I drink 2 cups a day. Excellent product I was already a big fan of the brand label all there tea is so good. No shakes and low on caffeine. I feel better I have energy. Thank you for giving us this tea. THE BEST!

  5. Traveler

    I have tried a lot of different brands of chai tea and I always end up going back to this one! You can actually taste and smell the chai. It’s not subtle like others. There’s a spiciness to it. It’s the best!!

  6. Simpson

    The perfect blend of tea and spices. Highly recommended. It’s excellent for oatmeal … just steep the tea bags in the hot water before adding the oatmeal. Add some honey and a little milk… wow it’s perfect.

  7. Stafford

    This is a strong tea with bold flavour and plenty of caffeine if you need it. It’s great for mornings when I need an extra push. I can’t drink this past about 3:00 in the afternoon because I can’t fall asleep at night. All of our local grocery stores clearance this tea and are no longer carrying it. Finally, I have found my favourite Himalayan Darjeeling tea in WellTea’s website.

  8. Lambert

    I seriously just love this tea and it’s my absolute favourite!! If you haven’t tried it yet I highly recommend it. It is such a tasteful blend of tea. Although you can lightly smell it and get a slight taste the blend to me is perfect. I’ve had other brands and there is no comparison. There is no bitter taste that can be detected in other teas.If they ever stop selling this I would be lost.

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