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A cup of tea with breakfast is a British tradition. Whether you’re having the full fry-up or just toast while you read the papers, a refreshing cup of tea in the morning is a key part of a perfect start to the day. At Welltea we’ve scoured far and wide to find a premium quality black tea that can enrich every breakfast.

Our blend features tea leaves sourced from the plantations of China, carefully chosen for their rich full bodied flavor. After supping on a cup, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s a vast improvement over the average breakfast. Along with embellishing breakfast, our black tea can be drunk at any time of the day to provide a superior tasting experience for the senses.

For ease of convenience and to minimize brewing time, our English Breakfast Tea is supplied in tea bags. These are all foil wrapped to ensure the freshness is locked in from the moment they are prepared on our partner tea plantations until they reach your breakfast table.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for English Breakfast Black Tea

  1. Danno

    I am a bit of a tea snob, I love loose leaf and spend a lot of time and effort on my tea setup and tastings.

    WellTea’s English Breakfast tea bags are a guilty pleasure. They do not compare to freshly prepared loose leaf tea, but these are just so darn CONVENIENT! If I am in a hurry and REALLY want some tea without all the hassle of loose leaf this is the tea I always grab.

    Flavour – This has a strong and bold flavour. There are floral undertones and what tastes a little of honey. It compares well to the finest English breakfast loose leaf teas I have tried. The flavour is very robust and gives me a bit of a pick-me-up in the morning.

    Smell – It is what I imagine freshly toasted bread slathered in honey would smell like. Very pleasing and smells great!
    Overall Thoughts – This tea is great. I highly suggest this tea for anyone who wants a full-bodied tea at a great price!

  2. Ken

    I love Earl Grey tea and will choose it every time over other varieties of tea. There may be better brands than WellTea, but WellTea’s makes a solid product that results in a thoroughly enjoyable cup of tea. it’s well worth buying and the price is significantly better than for other comparable products.

  3. Drachen

    I’ve solidly supported WellTea’s for years now, and needless to say, I am going to continue to purchase any sort of tea I may need from them. The sheer quality and variety of flavours they offer are astounding, and I do not believe there’s any of competitor right now that can supersede their value.

    I will mention in particular that their Darjeeling, English Breakfast and Jasmine Green teas are among the best they have to offer. Purchasing them here generally offers a bargain in terms of value (or price per box), so do feel free to go wild.

  4. Allen

    I am an experienced tea drinker and thought I had a perfect tea until I rediscovered WellTea’s Irish Breakfast. It is perfect only if you like your tea rich and malty and well-caffeinated, as we do.

    One of the tricks is to let it steep for a long period of time. 10 minutes is not too long!

    Believe it or not, but it reheats well in the mircrowave.

  5. Tylor

    This is by far my favourite breakfast tea. It’s strong, great-tasting and keeps me going through the day. When I’ve tried English Breakfast tea, both here and in Great Britain and Ireland, I’m disappointed with the mild taste. If I’m particularly tired, I’ll brew it with 3 tea bags for a 16-20 oz container and add a splash of milk or cream. This is for people who really love the taste of tea and want it to jump out, hug you really hard and leave you with a smile on your face.

  6. Dove Family

    This tea continues to be my favourite!
    It is attractive in the cup – with a reddish tinge, a mild fragrance, & a distinctive taste. This tea has caffeine, but it does not affect me the same way coffee does.
    Interestingly, my coffee drinking friends all have enjoyed this particular brand of English breakfast tea!
    I limit myself to caffeinated tea only two times a day, so I want something that TASTES GOOD, as opposed to a generic tasting beverage.

  7. Steve L.

    It’s the smoothest black tea in the market. I recommend you try it even if you don’t like black tea.

  8. jesica

    This is the only tea I drink now. I used to drink coffee (tons) and decided to quit it awhile back. I drank oolong for awhile but landed on this and it’s absolutely delicious. It’s a malty flavour… deep. Twinings makes many wonderful teas. Their hojicha is delicious, and I highly recommend their Earl Gray as well. I decided to stock up a bit and bought these packs, as I was regularly having my husband head to the store for more. Great buy, arrives fast and safe.

  9. Steph

    I absolutely fell in love with this delicious premium tea when given to me by a co-worker. I had to order and get more. I was a die-hard Lipton Tea drinker before, but welltea is top of the tea plant and not cut castings like Lipton. It did take a bit to get here but well worth the wait, it was coming from England ya know. Proceeded to make me a “cupper” and sit out on my deck in the cool morning air enjoying my breakfast tea with a fresh cinnamon bagel. Life is good with a cup of Twining breakfast tea. Cheers

  10. William

    My mother in law drinks tea and so I thought I would order some to have for her when she visits. Of course I decided to try a cup of this tea. Let me say, down with the British, drink more coffee; this was incredible. I’m not willing to give up my coffee for tea just yet, but this is a GREAT option, or when I want something a little bit different. Never thought I would say it but I could see myself drinking a cuppa every now and then with this!!! You will NOT be disappointed.

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