Earl Grey & Bergamot Oil Black Tea

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Earl Grey is a cornerstone of tea drinking. It is now one of the most popular tea blends worldwide. However, there can be a wide variety of Earl Grey blends, in which black tea leaves are infused with the oil of the Bergamot orange. Well, after many sampling sessions we believe we’ve discovered the most zesty and subtly lemony blend of Earl Grey to be found.

Our Earl Grey with Bergamot oil contains large black tea leaves that have been carefully selected from one of the many tea plantations of China for their compatibility with Bergamot oil. The result is a tea packed with Earl Grey’s signature lemony aftertaste perfectly balanced to offer a smoky orangey tang that’s refreshing and soothing while also subtle. After tasting our Earl Grey Tea with Bergamot Oil you’ll never consider adding another blend of Earl Grey to your China teacups ever again.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Earl Grey & Bergamot Oil Black Tea

  1. Pearl

    I gave up coffee a year ago and drink tea now, almost exclusively earl grey. I had been buying Bigelow brand at the local store but decided to try this one. It has a slightly different scent upon opening the pack, which I did not like quite as much as the Bigelow which in my opinion has a ‘smoother’ fragrance. The taste is good but again different than what I was accustomed to. I have been using it now for a month and I do like it, it’s a bit cheaper than what I was paying at the store.

  2. Sidaras

    I first had this tea about a year ago, I suffer from anxiety off and on, I first turned to earl grey tea before any type of medication. I ran out of my normal tea and I was at a local eatery and asked for a cup of tea. Well tea Earl grey tea is great, I have not stopped drinking it, has the right amount of caffeine, yet helps out. Not sure what in it that helps anxiety and whatnot. But sure does help.

  3. MacGowan

    This tea is absolutely DELICIOUS! As a long time fan of Earl Grey tea, I thought this would be well worth the try. Suffice it to say, we were not disappointed at all, and as far as I’m concerned, this is going to be our “go-to” Earl Grey from now on! As soon as you open the box, the delightful aroma springs forth to delight the senses. As for the flavours, they are deep and robust, without being overpowering. Also, even though this tea is fantastic hot (I also like to add just a bit of honey), it is phenomenal as an iced tea!

  4. Jeffrey M

    I would definitely buy this product again. Earl grey tea is one of my favorite teas and I had been looking for one that wasn’t too bitter but was strong in taste. This tea was recommended by one of my coworkers, and I am glad I listed to him! Smells great, taste great, and it’s very affordable.

  5. Stevens

    If you love the Bergamot in Earl Grey You will love this tea since there is twice as much, this is a fresh crisp tea, a great wake me up and keep me going, as well as soothing and comforting when you have just been beaten by a long day. It is a true signature Earl Grey since it does both perks you up or soothes ruffled feathers from a long workday.

  6. Johnson

    I love Earl Grey, and the double bergamot really is so delightful. Double Bergamot is great for making iced tea, as the flavor really carries through as you add ice or add water to your batch.

  7. Lothus

    Love this stuff. I admit, I prefer a stronger bergamot flavour than a lot of people I know, and this delivers. I haven’t had any trouble with aged packets, either. The tea was great in either case, so it’s just a minor curiosity. Definitely recommended!

  8. Meme B

    This is good but not exactly what I had hoped for. It’s different from regular Earl Grey but not as richly bergamot flavoured .

  9. L. Henry

    I have purchased this brand and flavor for years. But recently my daughter started to take my packets home with her. She loved it so much that I bought her this tea as a gift. Not bitter and it smells great when you open each individually sealed teabag. Recently I have started it to make iced tea as well. Just over the top in flavor.

  10. manusso

    After buying Lipton and Red Rose teas for years, I finally had enough of them. I wanted something with full caffeine plus a nice aroma of Bergamot oil.
    It’s humorous that these tea bags drop straight into the hot water without having to keep dunking until they sink down; as opposed to aforementioned teas which seem to scream at me “No! don’t dunk me!” : )

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