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Decaffeinated tea drinkers have more choices than ever before. Drinking decaffeinated tea no longer means sacrificing taste or aroma. If you want to enjoy a soothing cup of tea we have an excellent Ceylon-infused decaffeinated tea for you to try.

This tea is made from Ceylon Orange Pekoe, which is renowned for its dark large leaves and rich aroma. Only a small amount of Ceylon Orange Pekoe tea leaves have been added to low-grown tea leaves to create a brew of medium strength but free from caffeine. This makes it ideal for the mid to late afternoon when the working day is drawing to a close but you still need a little pick-me-up.

Our decaffeinated tea, infused with Ceylon Orange Pekoe, brews quickly without all the ceremony of more extravagant blends. As such, it takes as little as 3 minutes or a maximum of 5 of brewing before you can be relaxing with a bright and crisp tasting cup.

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7 reviews for Premium Decaffeinated Black Tea

  1. red baron

    I LOVE English Teatime. It’s my favourite kind of black tea. Every single grocery store in our area stopped carrying the decaffeinated kind, though. Seriously, I went to 7 different stores and couldn’t find it. I was afraid I’d have to cut out my nightly cup of tea. But I’m really glad I ordered it here. When I make a pot of tea during the day, I use 2 caffeinated and 1 de-caff so that I don’t end up jittery. So now I’m using this morning and night. WellTea is my favourite brand.

  2. Gutknecht

    I love this tea. I have some severe digestive issues and hate taking medication for it. So, I drink this tea twice a day and it helps my stomach issues a lot. The only issue I have is that I have to use 3 tea bags in 16oz of water because decaffeinated is weaker. If I had the ones with caffeine the way I drink it, I’d never sleep!

  3. Lindsey

    I don’t drink decaf tea much. But I do like to have it available for company and the occasional “second cup” for myself. Getting multiple boxes at a time has me a little concerned. However, the boxes are sealed and each bag is also sealed in its own individual bag. Not just a pull open paper pouch. Bigelow tea is pretty good. The value of the multi-pack is hard to refuse.

  4. Marcia

    Decaf Constant Comment was an excellent choice! Beautiful after-dinner decaf tea. I haven’t tried this tea since I was a child. My mother always had Constant Comment in the cupboard when I was growing up. Every time I make a cup of tea it makes me smile and I feel like I’m giving a little shout-out to my mom. I’m usually into black coffee, bullet coffee and black teas with stevia and cream. I’m not much of a spice tea lady. Most spice teas are too strong and overpowering. But Constant Comment is ‘just right’ as Goldilocks said. Smooth but full-bodied. I put a tiny touch of Stevia in it to round it out. Just perfect to finish my evening with. Love the 1940’s history behind this tea. Try this tea…just in case you love it as much as I do….wouldn’t want to miss out…

  5. Shores

    I have no issues that require decaf, but I enjoy tea in the evening and don’t the caffeine too late. In stores, finding good decaf can be a bit of a struggle since I cannot stand herbal tea. My husband drinks the green tea (though I enjoy it when dining), and the lemon lift either gets gifted or we use one or two with regular tea when making iced tea. I love all of these teas and will purchase again!

  6. Nuya

    It’s darn near impossible to find Earl Grey Decaf in the grocery stores and here you get a big batch. I like the regular Earl Grey too, but need decaf for evenings. Love the Earl Grey and thank you so much for selling the Decaf by itself in a larger quantity!

  7. Gallo

    This is my favourite tea. Great quality. This one, at the moment, touches the water is already bringing the colour and flavour. If you like it soft leave it 10 to 15 seconds if you like it dark or strong leave it longer. Look at the colour of the water and you will decide when to take it out and ready to drink. You only need one bag per serving. Depending on your taste you can use one bag for two cups and both will be pretty good.

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