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Premium Gongiu Dried Chrysanthemum Tea

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Silver Needle Weisstee

Silver Needle Weisstee ist eine der seltensten Teesorten der Welt. Diese Seltenheit hat dazu beigetragen, seine Bekanntheit und Exklusivität zu vermehren. Historisch waren die weißen flaumigen Teeknospen, die für den Silver Needle Weisstee verwendet werden jahrhundertelang für die ausschließliche Verwendung durch die chinesische kaiserliche Familie vorbehalten. Seitdem ist dieser herrliche Tee für die breite Bevölkerung erreichbar geworden und Teetrinker in der ganzen Welt verwöhnen jetzt ihre Geschmacksknospen mit dieser von kaiserlicher Würde durchdrungenen Teesorte.
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Jasmine Green & Black Tea

Our Blend of Green, Black and Jasmine Afternoon Tea offers a drink that is mellow, crisp and subtle yet highly refreshing. It’s ideal for unwinding in the middle of the afternoon and for adding some variety to the day. Recognised as a speciality tea, it’s ideal for when you want to explore a new taste sensation to a conventional black tea and indulge in the sensations produced by green and jasmine tea leaves at the same time.
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Dried Jasmine Flowers Herbal Tea

Jasmine flowers in this tea are completely dry and contain no aroma and used because of health benefits of dried Jasmine flowers.
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Geokuro-Karigane Green Tea Quick View

Gyokuro Kerigane Green Tea

Gyokuro Kerigane green tea offers the deliciously luxuriant aroma and taste of a premium Gyokuro tea for a fraction of the cost. This is because Gyokuro Kerigane green tea is made from the stems and veins of the only highest-quality Gyokuro tea leaves, which provides it with a distinctively sweetness of taste. The reason for the typically high price tag of Gyokuro Kerigane green tea is due to its rarity. This is firstly because there are fewer organic growers of this type of tea in Japan, compared to the more common Sencha tea plant. Secondly, knowing that it is a highly prized type of tea, growers will often choose to share it with their friends and family rather than sell it for profit.
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Premium White Bud Pu-erh Tea

This is an excellent starting point for people who are new to puerh in general because of its mildness, but it is also an excellent change of pace for people who are lovers of the many different forms that puerh can take. Although white pu-erh tea is very new and has not been studied extensively, it stands to reason that it shares the same, if not more, antioxidants and health benefits of both white tea and pu-erh tea.
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Entkoffeinierter loser Schwarztee

Dieser Tee wird aus Ceylon Orange Pekoe hergestellt, der für seine dunklen großen Blättern und sein reiches Aroma bekannt ist. Nur eine kleine Menge von Orange Pekoe Ceylon Teeblättern wurde den niedrig angebauten Teeblättern hinzugefügt, um ein Gebräu von mittlerer Stärke, aber frei von Koffein zu schaffen. Dies macht ihn ideal für den mittleren bis späten Nachmittag, wenn der Arbeitstag zu Ende geht, aber Sie dennoch einen schwachen Muntermacher benötigen.
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Moroccan Mint Tea

Along with its pyramids and wide deserts, the land of the Pharaohs can add tea leaves as a source of worldwide fame. Our Peppermint Herbal Tea is infused from Egyptian peppermint leaves, which feature a crosspollination of both spearmint and water mint. The remnants of dried peppermint leaves were found in Egypt’s pyramids dating back to 100 BC, but peppermint tea has since spread in popularity to being enjoyed daily worldwide.
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Magic Tea

Our Magic Tea has been carefully cultivated and prepared to be the ideal accompaniment to a life of spiritual fulfilment. Containing a wonderful blend of fruits, herbs, loose leaves and beautifully coloured rose petals, a single cup of Magic Tea can be enough to fill anyone who drinks it with positivity and light and to release any negativity that may be locked inside. Its vibrant colours and aroma will surely make it a talking point when shared with friends for the first time. They’ll also be suitably impressed to know how the combination of herbs, blossoms and fruits can help them on a path of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.
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Premium Sencha Green Tea

Our WellTea Sencha Premium tea is grown at Ujitawara, a region renowned for producing some of the highest grade Sencha tea leaves. Surrounded by mountain ravines and misty, sloping hills, the region's soil is packed with nutrients, providing the perfect agricultural conditions for growing this popular Japanese tea. Grown in sunlight, the leaves have a yellowish green colour when harvested. This belays its nutritional value, however, with our Sencha Premium tea containing more catechin nutrients than other type of green tea.
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Grüntee mit Aprikose und Orange

Dies ist eine besondere durch Frucht bereicherte Mischung aus Samen, Blüten und Teeblättern, welche die Geschmacksnerven erfreuen und Ihren Geruchssinn mit seinem üppigen Aroma reizen wird. Für die Herstellung unseres Grüntees mit Aprikose und Orange kombinierten wir die geschmackvollen japanischen grünen Sencha und Bancha Teeblätter mit großen Aprikosenkernen sowie Orangen- und Pfingstrosenblüten. Das Ergebnis ist ein reichhaltiges Getränk, gefüllt mit dem Geschmack der Aprikose gemischt mit grünem Tee und dem süßen Duft von Orangen und Blumen.
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